Spiritual Formation

Since the beginning, students at Wesley Biblical Seminary have been gathering with faculty members in small groups for the purpose of maturity in holy living. Acquisition of knowledge is vital to the seminary experience, but the concern for godly personal formation is an even greater concern and one the seminary takes very seriously. Therefore, the entire WBS experience is designed to produce Christlikeness in the lives of our students.

"The wonderful theological training at WBS has challenged me to deeper spiritual maturity through the mentorship of caring faculty and the emphasis on spiritual disciplines."
~Kathy O'Donnell, WBS Student

Each student that graduates from Wesley Biblical Seminary with the M.Div. degree will be required to complete six semesters of discipleship group activity with a professor, and those leaving with an M.A. will have at least four semesters. Both online and on-campus students will enjoy a regular discipleship group gathering with a faculty member throughout their experience at WBS. Study of Scripture, life sharing and corporate prayer will be central to each group.

The following include the components that each group embraces:

  • Weekly Meetings | Held at the professor's preferred time and place. Students and professors should plan on meeting at least ten times per semester.
  • Group Covenant | The group will decide at the first meeting the particular purpose and agenda of the group.
  • Weekly Group Agenda | Every meeting will include life-sharing, Bible study and prayer.
  • Fellowship | At least once per semester the group should have opportunity to meet outside of the normal agenda for informal fellowship (perhaps over at the professor's home).
  • Ministry Practice | Students will engage in some form of longitudinal ministry, whether full-time or part-time, professional or volunteer, over the course of the degree program. The student will share experiences gained from this ministry with the discipleship group through the year.
  • Spiritual Disciplines | Students and professors will practice the daily spiritual disciplines of prayer and Bible study and, as the various groups decide, other disciplines such as group service, journaling, fasting, etc.

In addition to being a community for scholarly reflection, the seminary is a worshipping community. Chapel services are held every Tuesday and Thursday mornings for corporate worship, prayer, spiritual fellowship and the promotion of Christian holiness.

To view a list of upcoming chapel speakers, please see the chapel schedule.

To download and listen to past chapel messages, please visit the WBS chapel podcast page.

"In my fourth year in the pastorate it has been exciting to take part in the learning, discipleship, and outreach ministry that goes on at Wesley Biblical Seminary. It is enriching my life and ministry."
Peter Lanigan, WBS Student

WBS points servant-hearted ministers to diverse ministry opportunities in the Jackson area while inviting them to break outside their comfort zones as they use their gifts. Friday mornings find us praying outside the abortion clinic for young women seeking abortions. We stand on the curbs outside strip clubs Friday nights, interceding for the broken-hearted. The lonely in prison are reached with the Gospel each Monday night. We mentor and play sports with kids of all ages in our Crossroads Community Center, serve in local churches, teach English to those new to our country and the list goes on. Whatever your strengths, God has a place to plug you into ministry and a supportive team with which to serve.