International Students

Every year Wesley enrolls a selected number of men and women from countries outside the United States. International students seeking admission to Wesley Biblical need to provide additional information in the application process.

Before the prospective student is admitted, his/her file must include a TOEFL score that indicates the student's ability to work at a graduate level with the English language. The student should mail to the seminary a copy of the test score.

If the prospect is accepted to WBS, he/she must meet the following additional requirements to become a student at WBS:

  1. An endorsement from the student's sending church or Christian organization indicating plans for ministry after graduation from Wesley.
  2. A statement of financial resources necessary to cover the cost of study and living at Wesley. The admissions office provides a worksheet of the projected costs and mails the student an I-20 form after receiving documentation of the availability of finances. Documentation includes (a) a letter of financial support from foundations, churches, or individuals with copies of bank statements demonstrating said support and (b) certificates of any awarded scholarship.
  3. A deposit of funds in US dollars to serve as an emergency fund and to cover the cost of return airfare for the student and any accompanying family members. This deposit of funds shall be made before admission is granted and will be held in the student's account at WBS until the funds are needed.

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