Future Students FAQ

Below is a list of frequently asked questions. If you have a question not addressed in this list, please contact the Admissions office for more information.

  1. Why go to seminary?
  2. What degree programs are offered by WBS?
  3. What M.Div. concentrations do you offer?
  4. What M.A. concentrations do you offer?
  5. Does WBS offer online degree programs?
  6. What is the cost to attend WBS?
  7. What financial aid options are available to WBS students?
  8. What type of student ministry opportunities are offered at WBS?
  9. Do I have to have a bachelor's degree to attend WBS?
  10. What if my bachelor's degree is not related to Bible or religion?
  11. What are the requirements for admission?
  12. How do I apply to WBS?
  13. Can I take classes without getting a degree?