Sources of Aid

It pays to work hard: WBS Scholarships are measured by academic performance. Scholarships are determined by Cumulative GPA and Class Load (full-time or half-time). Students must take at least 5hrs to receive an academic scholarship. Applications are required. To complete the WBS Financial Aid Application visit Apply for Aid.

Academic Award Schedule (effective Spring 2014)

Full Time Students (8-12 Hours) GPA:

3.75-4 $1200

3.5-3.74 $1000

3.25-3.49 $800

Half Time Students (4-7 Hours) GPA:

3.75-4 $600

3.5-3.74 $500

3.25-3.49 $400

*The Seminary attempts to provide Institutional Aid, however, Scholarships are awarded on a as funds are available basis.

Wesley Biblical Seminary offers the following types of Federal Aid.

Federal UnSubsidized Stafford Loan

A Federal UnSubsidized Loan is a loan borrowed by the student. Interest begins to accrue on the loan at the time it is disbursed. Students may make payments on the interest while enrolled or allow it to be capitalized until repayment. In order to receive this type of aid the Office of Financial Aid must approve need and determine the amount for which the student is eligible. This is based on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). To complete the FAFSA visit Apply for Aid.

Repayment begins once a student drops below half-time status, withdraws, or graduates for a period of six months.

Some denominations provide assistance for those students planning ministry in the church following graduation. Frequently these funds are a loan-grant which means the monies loaned to the student for seminary education are paid back through service to the denomination. To determine if a particular denomination is one that provides such assistance for seminary education, contact the denomination headquarters.

Partnering Churches:

Allocated directly through the Veteran's Administration, VA financial aid may be available to students who have served with the United States military. The amount of aid will be determined by the Veteran's Administration. Please contact your local V.A. to complete the appropriate paperwork.

For further assistance please visit U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.