Financial Aid Application

This form is intended for Degree Students Only. Non-degree students (auditors, "special" students) are not eligible for financial aid (institutional or federal). Applicants for WBS scholarships must have a minimum of 5 credit hours in any given semester to be eligible in that semester.

This form must be filled out completely and submitted to the Financial Aid Office to be eligible for WBS scholarships or apply for a Stafford Loan. All of the information will be kept strictly confidential.

  1. Please indicate the number of credit hours you plan to take in each term of the academic year. These numbers, which constitute "course load," will be used in conjunction with your GPA to determine the expected amount of scholarship aid for the academic year. If you are uncertain about your course load for a given term, indicate your best guess of the number of hours you think you will take. Be advised that any change in the actual number of hours completed may cause an adjustment in the actual scholarship dollars applied to your student account.