Alumni Profile

Rev. Dr. Ghuna Kumar

Gospel Friends Ministry | Tamil Nadu, India

M.A. in Christian Education, WBS Class of 1992

Ghuna Kumar is a dynamic and faithful witness for Jesus Christ in his home country of India. In a word, the heart of Ghuna Kumar's work is evangelism. Whether he is talking with the van driver or preaching in a village where there is no church, Ghuna's number one priority is sharing the message of salvation through Jesus Christ.

A close number two on Ghuna's list is training and equipping other believers to be witnesses for Christ. Over the last 15 years, the Lord has used Ghuna instrumentally to establish 3 homes for hundreds of destitute and orphaned children in his country, 3 medical clinics (serving 100 daily) and numerous medical camps (serving 5,000 annually) for the health and welfare of local communities, vocational training for some (close to 100 annually) of the most vulnerable women in his society through nursing and sewing schools, a theological school (Living Hope) to train (80 annually) indigenous ministers for the work of the gospel, the building of 70 new churches and the birthing of 700 new village congregations, and a ministry to families through television, seminars, and counseling.

By God's design and power, more than 20,000 Hindus have received the sacrament of Christian baptism through the ministry of Ghuna Kumar and Gospel Friends.