Special Programs

Transform:ED is Wesley Biblical Seminary's annual Fall conference on Christian leadership and spiritual formation shaped in the Wesleyan understanding of biblical holiness. This academic-level conference fits within the seminary’s mission to provide a holiness-centered theological education that seeks to be a vehicle for the Holy Spirit’s transformation of the minds, hearts, and actions of believers.

The Old Testament department at Wesley offers three classes on a regular and rotating basis that are designed to bring our students to Israel for the academic study of the historical geography of the Holy Land and archaeology. Supported in part by the Summer Archaeology Scholarship fund, these classes offer a phenomenal opportunity for the student to see and touch the history of Israel, and to better prepare for a life in ministry or academics. See the related class descriptions under OT714 The Geographical and Historical Settings of the Bible, OT(TBD) Summer Archaeology Program, and OT(TBD) Biblical Archaeology (this class is held on campus and is a prerequisite to OT(TBD) Summer Archaeology Program).

Jerusalem University College

Wesley Biblical Seminary is a member of the Associated Schools of the Institute of Holy Land Studies, a division of Jerusalem University College (JUC). The Graduate School of JUC offers specialized training in historical geography, archaeology, and history of the Holy Land. Credits earned in the Graduate School are accepted at Wesley Biblical Seminary upon review of transcripts and syllabi by the Office of the Registrar, with the grade submitted by the Graduate School entered onto the student’s transcript at Wesley.

The following JUC courses are suggested as equivalents at Wesley:

History of Ancient Israel OT515 OT History & Interpretation
Biblical Hebrew1-2 OT501-502 Elementary Biblical Hebrew
Biblical Archaeology 1 OT(TBD) Biblical Archaeology
Archaeological Field Excavation 0T 715 Geographical and Historical Settings of the Bible

Students may register at Wesley Seminary for other biblical studies courses at JUC (e.g., Geographical and Historical Settings of the Bible, Jesus and His Times, Paul and the Hellenistic World, and Qumram: Discoveries in the Dead Sea Scrolls) through the appropriate tutorial number, upon the recommendation of Dr. Gareth Cockerill, JUC campus representative. For further information, contact Dr. Gareth Cockerill, campus representative.