Teach Online at WBS

Wesley Biblical Seminary began delivery of theological education by way of Internet media in January 2004. The program has enrolled students from around the world and involves a two-week residency every October.

From time to time, the seminary utilizes the professorial and pastoral expertise of men and women to serve as online adjunct faculty. This page provides information on how to apply to teach at WBS Online.

Wesley is an interdenominational graduate school that offers two masters degrees geared toward Christian leadership and scholarship: the Master of Divinity and the Master of Arts (Biblical Studies, Theology, Christian Studies, and Apologetics). The institution subscribes to a theological confession commensurate with the Wesleyan understanding of salvation, holiness and personal integrity. The institution holds a very high view of scripture. You can read our Statement of Faith here.

The online courses are asynchronous in delivery and extend for fifteen weeks. Course enrollment ranges from 6 to 24. The average class size stands somewhere around 12.

Either a terminal doctoral degree such as a Ph.D., D.Min, or Ed.D. or a master's degree and eminent competency is expected of those who are teaching at WBS Online. Regular involvement in a local church and a life characterized by holiness and personal integrity mark those who teach for the seminary. If you have interest in exploring the opportunity to teach here, follow the information and guidelines below as the first step in getting started.

Basic Qualifications:

  • A doctoral degree from an accredited college or university (the accreditation must be from an association recognized by the Council on Higher Education Accreditation) or eminent competency in the teaching field.
  • A minimum of 18 semester hours of graduate study in the select teaching area.
  • Teaching experience at the graduate level in the selected field of study or ministry.
  • Respect for the seminary's Statement of Faith.
  • Experience in online teaching is a preference.

Steps for Application:

  1. ___ Complete the Application for Adjunct Teaching form and email it to the address given on the form. Download HERE.
  2. ___ Email your updated Curriculum Vitae.
  3. ___ Provide Official Transcripts of ALL College/University work. These documents must be official from the issuing institution. Initially, you may email electronic copies of these transcripts in the early stages of application. The official copies will be required before hiring. (*)
  4. ___ Complete a written Online Teaching Interview. Download HERE.
  5. ___ Complete the Statement of Faith form. Download HERE.
  6. ___ Email a recent portrait-type picture.
  7. ___ Complete an Oral Interview with a faculty interview committee.

Email all documents to: Director of Online Education (online@wbs.edu)

(*) Send to: Office of Academic Affairs, Wesley Biblical Seminary, P.O. Box 9938, Jackson, MS 39286

Processing the Application

Once you have submitted all of the documents requested in the "Steps for Application" section above, the Director of Online Education will arrange an interview with you and a faculty committee consisting of at least the Academic Dean, the senior professor in the selected discipline and one other faculty member selected by the Dean. All faculty members will be invited to participate if they so choose. After the interview is completed and upon recommendation by the faculty, three things will need to occur: (1) The President, the VP/Academics, and the senior faculty member in the selected discipline must give their approval, (2) You will need to complete the required training as specified below or have the training waived, and (3) There must be a need for adjunct instruction in your selected teaching area.

Training Requirements

  • Participation in the Online Orientation for New Students at WBS Online.
  • Completion of an online teaching course.

Note: the online teaching course may be waived if you have had comparable teaching experience.