How Courses Work

We all have a pretty good idea of how a typical classroom works. But what about classes that take place online? Here you will learn how online classes with Wesley Biblical Seminary work.

MoodleRooms Online Environment

Wesley Biblical Seminary utilizes the MoodleRooms learning management system for online course delivery. The online environment created with MoodleRooms is both simple and reliable, therefore students can focus on the subject matter of their courses and not the system delivering it.


Each online semester is divided into several periods. The periods are generally of equal length and consistent across all the courses offered in a given term. This helps with the organization of online course structure and assignments.

Peer Interaction

While online learning at WBS is done asynchronously, in every class you can expect regular interaction with fellow students and your course instructor, who will guide discussions and offer prompt, relevant feedback.

Syllabus & Overview Document

The Course Syllabus & Overview (CSO) contains all the information and instructions necessary for course participation in one accessible and portable format. The course schedule, period dialogue forum questions, instructions for reading and assignments, along with grading rubrics are all a part of the CSO. Putting the majority of course assignment instructions in the CSO allows students to do a better job of planning their schedules ahead of time.

Reading & Lectures

The primary ways that course content is delivered in the online classroom is through assigned texts and written lectures. While you can expect a healthy dose of reading each week, the lectures tend to be relatively short (3-5 pages) and focused on a particular aspect of the subject at hand. Some courses make use of pre-recorded audio lectures that are made available for download.

Discussion Forums

"Because of the frequent interaction in discussion forums, I felt as though I had known my fellow online classmates for many years."
Jessica Eaton, Online Student

The discussion of course content among students and instructors is a critical component of online learning. The varying perspectives, experiences and understandings offered by each participant are as vital to significant learning as the acquisition of new information. It is through discussion forums that students demonstrate their interaction with and grasp of the material, and often they are how a professor knows if the student "attended" class or not.

Assignments, Projects, and Exams

In addition to reading and dialogues, students demonstrate their learning by submitting various kinds of assignments, projects or exams. Assignments are generally brief, short written work done in a few days and submitted periodically throughout the course period.

Grading & Rubrics

Rubrics are used extensively throughout online courses to establish expectations for grading and quality of work. For most dialogue forums and submitted assignments, a grading rubric is used as the basis for determining the student's grade. In most cases, grading rubrics are provided in the CSO document for each course.