Dr. Steve Tsoukalas, Ph.D.

Academic Papers Presented

Evangelical Theological Society

"Sankara’s Advaita Vedanta and Christian Science: Some Similarities"(March 2002 Regional Meeting)

"Understanding the Nation of Islam (the Black Muslims): A Missiological Imperative"(2002 Annual Meeting)

"Is Hinduism Only Monistic? The Vedanta of Sankara, Ramanuja and Madhva"(2002 Annual Meeting)

"Jesus and Krsna: A Comparative Study of Orthodoxy’s Incarnation and Vedanta’s Avatara in Sankara and Ramanuja" (2003 Annual Meeting)

American Academy of Religion

"Krishna and Christ: A Comparative Study concerning the Body-Soul-Divine Relation in the Manusi Tanu (Human Form) of Bhagavadgita 9:11" (November 2006)

"Sabda Pramana in Sankara’s and Ramanuja’s Vedanta" (November 2008)