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Study & Teaching Interests

  • Ancient Languages
  • Archaeology
  • Ancient Near Eastern Studies

Dr. Paul Tashiro

Professor of Old Testament
601-366-8880, ext. 132 | Email


  • B.A. (Philosophy), Oglethorpe University
  • M.Div., Asbury Theological Seminary
  • M.Phil., Hebrew Union College - Jewish Institute of Religion
  • Ph.D., Hebrew Union College - Jewish Institute of Religion


I was born to the Zen-Buddhist (Soto-sect) parents running a Geisha-girl house in Tokyo, and raised up with Lao-tzu's (Taoistic) Weltanschauung, Confucian ethics, and ultra-nationalistic Shintoist ideaology coupled with the Emperor/ancestor-worshiping system. In the last year of the "Greater Asian Utopian War" (i.e., WW II), I volunteered, because of my brainwashed upbringing (mentioned above), and tried to die as a Kamikaze pilot for the Emperor, but my sincere intent was totally baffled by the Imperial Japan's total surrender on Aug. 15, 1945.

This "8-15" devastating event drove me to disillusionment and desperation against everything in the world, and I joined a Yakuza group (i.e., Japanese version of the Mafia). In 1949, I was converted to Christian faith in a tent evangelistic meeting held by the OMS-Japan Holiness Church, and in the following year accepted His call for the full-time Christian ministry. I joined the OMS Every Creature Crusade as an interpreter and evangelist. Subsequently, on my death-bed, the Healer Jesus touched my body and gave me a divine healing from T.B., and experienced consequently sanctification.

Before coming to the states, I worked in tourist industry (as a licensed tour agent), trading firms, and joint-venture. After being ordained, I served as a local preacher in Louisville Conference of the United Methodist Church (presently, Kentucky Conference) for 16 years, in the last 4 years (1987-1991) of which I taught Christian Religion, Philosophy, History of Israel, Archaeology, and Hebrew at Lindsey Wilson College, Columbia, KY.

Publications are as follows: "Heidegger's Concept of Time" (GA Philosophical Society, Athens, GA, 1971); "Concept of Time in the Works of Seiichi Hatano" (B.A. Thesis; GA Philosophical Society, GA, 1972); Basic Christian Beliefs (ed. by Dr. Terry Swan, 1989); The Words of God (ed. by Dr. Terry Swan, 1990); "Comparative Study of the Ancient Japanese Culture and Sumerian Culture" (Journal of Tokyo Joshi Daigaku, 1998); "The 21st Century 'Research Ecology' on the Bible and Ancient Languages" (Journal of Waseda university, 1998); "Ministry of the New Testament," Ministry That Matters (ed. by Dr. Terry Swan, 2000); and several articles for the Journals;

Professional membership I have: Georgia Philosophical Society (1971-1972); Wesleyan Theological Society (1974-); International Society of Theta Phi (1975-); American Association of University Professors (1977-); American Oriental Society (1978-); National Association of Professors of Hebrew (1979-); Evangelical Theological Society (1992-); Institute for Biblical Research (1992-); and Society of Biblical Literature (1994-);

Dr. Tashiro's interests include Mountaineering, Jujitsu, Kendo, Gymnastics, Igo, traveling, and Archaeology.