Degree Programs

Which degree is right for you? The answer depends on what your calling is and what forms of ministry or leadership responsibilities you will carry in the future. Wesley Biblical Seminary offers both the Master of Divinity and Master of Arts degrees. The table below will provide you with some of the basic differences between the two degrees.

NEW Wesley Biblical Seminary is pleased to announce the expansion of our degree offerings with the Doctor of Ministry (D.Min.) degree program.

Master of Divinity Master of Arts
75-85 hours 50 hours
Meets or exceeds denominational requirements for ordination More academics-oriented degree focusing on a selected field of study
Meets the educational requirements for military, prison or hospital chaplaincy Designed for persons interested primarily in research and/or teaching
Meets the prerequisites for the D.Min. or many seminary-related Ph.D. programs Allows persons to delve deeply into biblical or theological studies
Stands alongside the degrees earned at either the medical or law school as the "first professional" degree for formal Christian ministerial leadership Provides in-depth study of either Bible or theology with the option to demonstrate significant research skill by writing a master's thesis
Gives the student a breadth of study within biblical, theological and practical studies Gives the student a more focused concentration on a particular area of academic interest

These are some very general and broad guidelines related to the programs offered at WBS. Make your choice after further consultation with the catalog descriptions and advisors at the seminary.