Academic Advising

Steps for Advising and Registering:

  1. Course Schedule - Evaluate the Course Schedule to see what courses are offered.
  2. Degree Audit - View the courses required for your degree program by visiting the Degree Audit page.
  3. Appointment with your Advisor - Make an appointment to discuss with your Advisor about the courses desired in light of your degree requirements. You will not be able to register for courses with out receiving a Registration Access Code from your Advisor.
  4. Student ID & PIN Email - You will receive an email with your Student ID and new PIN. With out your Student ID and PIN you will not be able to access certain areas of the Student Information System.
  5. CampusAnyware Registration Tutorial - Review the CampusAnyware Registration Tutorial before registering. Be sure you know what you plan to take. You will be registering in real time once you submit your registration any changes will incur a $25.00 Change of Schedule Fee.
  6. Register Now - Now you should have your Student ID, PIN and Registration Access Code and are free to register. Make sure you check the location of the course being offered before selecting it for registration.

Important to Remember: Some students may have holds preventing them from registering. Students with holds must contact the Academic Affairs office to find out how these holds can be released.


Wesley Mentors are not required to send you messages recommending what courses you are to take. Ultimately, it is the student's responsibility to contact their Mentor to set up a time to be advised. The student is responsible for making sure that they register for courses that will help them meet their degree requirements.

WBS cannot be held responsible for any Change of Schedule Fees that you incur when you make a mistake during your registration. Failure to submit your registration by the end of the announced registration period will result in a $150.00 late fee.