Who We Are

Wesley Biblical Seminary is not your ordinary seminary. At WBS, we believe that academic excellence means nothing apart from a transforming relationship with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit that impacts every aspect of one's personhood. Furthermore, we believe that the purpose of seminary education is not simply for the accumulation of knowledge, but for the preparation for service. That is why at WBS your head, heart and hands will all be engaged in ways you have never experienced before. Are you ready for the difference that is Wesley Biblical Seminary?

The WBS Difference

  • Trinitarian Holiness: God is holy. God is love. Human persons were created to image, and participate in, Triune life. These simple truths guide everything we do here at WBS. Learn more.
  • Spiritual Formation: Between discipleship groups with the seminary faculty, weekly chapel services and active hands-on ministry, your spiritual life will flourish at WBS. Learn more.
  • Uncompromising Biblical Orthodoxy: In an age of skepticism and uncertainty, we adhere to traditional Christian orthodoxy emerging from the inspired, inerrant Scriptures. Learn more.
  • World-class Faculty: Our full-time faculty members are renowned scholars, yet are regularly engaged in Christian ministry and are truly passionate about people. Meet the faculty.
  • Location: Wesley Biblical Seminary is strategically located in one of the ripest mission fields in America. Bring a desire for ministry and we will get you plugged in. Learn more.
  • Affordability: Here you will receive a high-quality education that won't overwhelm you with its cost. Learn more.
  • Accessibility: Our student/teacher ratio - both on-campus and online - means that you will actually get to know your professors, and know them well. Learn more.
  • Global Legacy: You can join the heritage of WBS alumni who are the difference today in over fifty countries on six continents worldwide. Learn more.

Become a part of Wesley Biblical Seminary. Come experience the difference.