Mission & Values


Wesley Biblical Seminary exists to advance Christ’s Kingdom through the Church and make disciples of Jesus by offering life-transforming theological education producing Spirit-filled, shepherd-theologians and leaders for the 21st century, who demonstrate an unwavering commitment to Trinitarian faith, Christ-centered holiness, Biblical authority, and personal accountability.

Core Values

Scripture. We value the Bible as God’s inerrant word and that learning, teaching and living its truth is of supreme importance.

Holiness. We value both the privilege and the obligation of the Christian to share the character and nature of the Holy Triune God, with all that means in love, integrity, discipleship, and service.

Transformation. We value a seminary education that results in changed lives, so that our graduates are not merely learned, but are dependable, responsible servants of God.

Personhood. We value each individual as a person of sacred worth in the image of God, knowing that they find their truest fulfillment in Christian community.

Scholarship. We value the capacity for learning as a distinctive gift from God and excellence in learning as vital for the servant of God.

Stewardship. We value everything we have—current resources, abilities, and our Christian tradition—as a gift from God, and understand that we are accountable to Him and to His people to be faithful stewards of all His gifts.

Passion. We value the vision of a world that is ripe for God’s harvest, knowing that winning the lost, discipling the believer, and sanctifying the called should engage our deepest spiritual passion.